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Introducing Orbitect

Hello! In this post, we'd like to introduce our newest game, Orbitect - a space station management sandbox game with an emergent narrative system,

Orbitect logo
Orbitect official logo

In Orbitect, players start with a single block, and are tasked with building a space station that is ultimately developed to be self-sufficient. Players will build modules and manage resources such as oxygen, electricity and food whilst keeping their station structurally integral.

International Space Station replica in Orbitect
International Space Station replica in Orbitect

As players build their station, resources and capital, they must prepare themselves for natural disasters to occur, such as asteroids that damage the integral blocks of the station.

Orbitect asteroid
A small asteroid destroying a block

Sometimes the asteroids can be large enough to destroy your entire station if you don't take them out first!

Orbitect big asteroid
A giant asteroid

Orbitect uses an emergent narrative system, with events and event chains that are orchestrated to make each playthrough unique and enjoyable. With modability in mind, all the events are written in json and will be fully customisable by players in the future.

Orbitect event
A simple event in Orbitect

Not only will the content of events be moddable, but panels, shops, event objects, time options and even astronauts will be customisable by players to create even more unique sessions.

Orbitect day and night cycle
Day and night cycle

Because space stations are built using blocks, the possibilities for diverse and interesting looking stations is massive, and if players just want to be creative and build, they can use the creative game mode where they don't have to worry about their stations getting destroyed.

Orbitect robot station
A robot station

Some may even want to go old school with their space station creation:

Orbitect boat station
A boat themed station

Just make sure your station is well prepared for any adversary it faces, otherwise things can go wrong very quickly.

Orbitect destroyed blocks
Station blocks getting destroyed

We're very excited to see how players will play Orbitect and look forward to releasing into Steam Early Access later this year. We will regularly post to this blog showing the latest updates in the development of the game.

Until next time!

Orbitect Dev Team

Orbitect ISS closeup

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